I want to thank everyone for your continued support during this crazy time. It hasn’t been easy, but we are getting through it… together!

We are entering the Green Phase very soon and our doors will reopen Friday, June 26 starting with our first class at 6:00 am. I couldn’t be more excited to see everyone’s smiling faces again (so get ready to sweat!). Before then, the entire gym will be cleaned and disinfected including all surfaces and equipment. We will be following the CDC and PA Health Department guidelines for disinfecting and social distancing.

This includes:

• Everyone will enter through the front door, making sure to stay 6 ft. apart from another member coming in.

• There will be hand sanitizer available as soon as you walk in – it’s mandatory for everyone to use it upon entering.

• You may wear a mask at your own discretion.

• Disposable gloves will be available and you may use them at your own discretion.

• Hand sanitizers will be available in various places both inside and outside.

• Weather permitting, many exercises will be held outside.

• Instructors will disinfect all equipment and surfaces at the end of every class.

• All members will be expected to bring your own boxing gloves and mat. For the time being, please do not store your boxing gloves or mat at the gym. (If you’re not sure where to buy these, ask Stacy to help).

• All classes will be structured to ensure everyone is spaced out to be 6 ft. apart while working out.

• Everyone will exit thought the back door, making sure to stay 6 ft. apart from another member leaving.

• If you are not feeling well please be cautious and stay home.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

It’s definitely been a challenging and crazy time for all of us.


We will do everything we can to keep our gym family safe and healthy while opening back up. And don’t forget, anyone interested in joining will get a 1-week free trial!!!